Signs that Your Faucet Needs to be Fixed

Faucets are an important part of any establishment – homes, schools, offices, hospitals, even malls. They’re practically essential to keeping a hygienic environment.

Just like everything else, the working quality of any faucet is bound to deteriorate after constant use. No matter how expensive or well-made your faucet is, it will still need to be replaced after some time.

If you’re uncertain whether it is time to replace your faucet, or if your faucet needs fixing, you have to watch out for some signs of defect, such as:

Dripping or leaking faucet – Have you ever encountered turning your faucet off, but for some reason, it keeps dripping water? If yes, then your faucet may have a worn out rubber inside that needs to be fixed or replaced. Fixing of dripping or leaking faucet might call for a simple change of this rubber inside or could require an entire faucet replacement. If you’re not skilled in disassembling and reassembling faucets, better call professional plumbers to do the job for you.

Squeaking faucet with every faucet movement – Your faucet should not make any sound when you turn the handle off or on. The squeaky sound is probably a sign that some parts found inside of your faucet are already worn. Just as with a leaking faucet, call the experts if you’re unfamiliar with faucet repair tasks.

Inconsistent water flow from the faucet – A broken aerator in your faucet can cause it to discharge inconsistent flow of water. Apart from inconsistent water flow, you may also notice weird sounds coming from your faucet.

Rust on your faucet – It is unavoidable to find rust building up in your faucet if you have had that faucet for a long time. Rust can easily be spotted if it is on the surface of your faucet, but if it is on the interior part, watch out for signs of discoloration in the water – particularly rust-like colors. Faucets damaged by rust will also emit a rust-like smell. You will most likely need to replace it at this point. Trust the experts at https://homesofsilvercrest.com/vancouver/home-renovations/