Plumbing Essentials You Need to Have in Your Home

If you have encountered problems with your home plumbing, I’m sure some people would advise you the same thing: “Call your local plumber to have the problem fixed”.

Of course, that would best move in most cases. But what would you do if you have encountered a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night and your home is not easily accessible for plumbers or anybody else?

Some plumbing emergencies, such as busted water pipes need immediate attention – otherwise, you could be faced with extremely high water bills. If it will take some time for the plumbing professionals to get to you, you must try to do some temporary fixing to take control of the situation while waiting for the plumbers to arrive.

In order for you to carry out simple, band-aid repairs, you should have a few necessary plumbing items in your home:

Teflon tape – Also known as plumber’s tape, Teflon tape can help you provide seals most water pipes temporarily and can help secure fixtures, such as faucets or shower heads, tightly in place.

Adjustable pipe wrench – A pipe wrench can help you tighten or loosen any pipe on hard to reach areas of your home. If you need to replace a leaky pipe ASAP, you can easily remove the affected pipe and replace it with a fresh one using an adjustable pipe wrench.

Caulking gun/caulk – If you have used caulk and a caulking gun for your windows before, you know how effective it can be when it comes to sealing. These items can be equally useful in plumbing, too. It can seal areas where you don’t want water seeping into. You can also seal your kitchen sink in place with caulk.

Plunger – Plunger can be useful in removing blockages temporarily while waiting for the professionals to arrive at your doorstep.