Common Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush

When there’s something not working properly in your home, it could be a bit of a headache. Lights not turning on, jammed windows, and so on.

But probably that one thing we don’t want broken in our homes is our toilet. Toilets are a necessity in our daily lives, and today, it will be very hard to live without it.

Issues with toilets are not that uncommon, though. There are numerous issues one may encounter with their toilets, and the most common is a toilet that won’t flush.

Sometimes, a toilet won’t flush because there’s something wrong inside the toilet tank usually located at the back of your toilet.

The flapper being obstructed by something inside the tank can stop the toilet from flushing. The toilet flapper is what lets the water out to help in flushing. So, if there’s something stopping your flapper to do its job, your toilet won’t release the water and won’t flush.

Another cause of toilets not flushing is a loose or broken toilet flapper chain. The flapper is attached to a chain which lifts this flapper up every time you flush your toilet. If the flapper is not properly attached to the chain, the toilet flapper won’t be lifted and can’t release the water necessary for flushing.

If your toilet tank doesn’t have water on it, then there’s nothing that would flush your toilet. If the tank is completely empty, it’s possible that the water from the source isn’t successfully making its way to make your toilet tank full. In this case, the tubes at the back of your toilet should be checked for any leak.

Finally, when you have a clogged toilet, it can get in the way of flushing. You can use a plunger to fix the problem.

If you are unsure what’s wrong with your toilet, it’s best for you to just call professional plumbers to fix your toilet for you.